Our employees make up our most important resource, and the key to our long term success is in making sure that we are constantly looking ahead, procuring highly motivated, team-oriented and creative people to enrich our staff. Be part of our story.

You are organized and like to keep track of things, even if it takes up considerable time? You can both effectively convince clients and motivate your team to achieve maximum performance? If this describes you, then this position could be the perfect fit for you!
Are you interested being responsible for the conception, planning, and directing of communications and strategic projects as well as the preparation of evaluations and analyses? If so, you could be a perfect Account Manager at ITMS!
Selling a blind person glasses? Not a problem for you? With your words everything simply sounds better and the finest attributes of each product are easily made clear? If this describes you, then we think you could be a perfect fit for our Sales/Account Manager position!
Are you excited by sophisticated topics and love communicative challenges? Are you always paying attention to the press and not afraid to pick up the phone and go to work? If so, this could be the position for you!
Do you have a creative mind and want to use it to develop and design various types of advertising and communication materials as a graphic designer? If these potential experiences interest you, then you belong at ITMS with us!
Do you have a creative mind overflowing with new visions? Are you a genius when it comes to turning these visions into innovative designs? If this describes you, then YOU belong with US.
As an intern (m/f) at ITMS, you will face a very demanding job with various tasks in different departments. You will be an active part of project teams and work directly with customer orders.