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We are your go-to solutions provider in delivering a successful and distinctive public profile for your brand. Through a versatile blend of communication and marketing tools, we become your biggest advocates, and support you with expertise and passion at all levels of the marketing communications spectrum. Our tailor-made concepts guarantee a sustainable and authentic connection with your target audience. ITMS was established by New Yorker George S. Pascal in 1991 with the aim to work for the best, and compete with the best in the industry. A powerful group of talented creatives and experienced strategists forms the ideal team for broadcasting your message across every relevant platform. We generate original ideas and employ focused, strategic vision to bring brands and their customers closer together.

We stand for targeted and effective advertising. Advertising – that is in essence the interplay between word and image. Our know-how brings innovative concepts to life, with punchy statements and captivating designs, we communicate your message perfectly. Results that speak for themselves follow a close cooperation between our creatives and strategists. Holistic, sophisticated concepts lead to maximum advertising effectiveness, and optimally exploit the potential within your target groups. Optimized deployment across the range of advertising channels is key to our concepts' success. Working always with the latest techniques, we digest and develop new methods and integrate them into the language of your brand. We create solutions that meet your goals, and leave a powerful and sustainable impression.

PR is an essential component in the communications mix and an area in which we constantly hit home runs on the international stage. Our work covers much more than traditional public relations. We develop concepts at the highest level, which ensure continuous, sustainable brand building, achieve strategic positioning objectives, and feature built in protection in case of crisis situations. As your communications partner we consider ourselves stakeholders in your brand, and understand those varied needs and media requirements. In this way we realize networked solutions that produce a credible and cross-channel dialogue with your target audience. Success is continuously measured and media analyzed to guarantee control and predictability throughout.

High-profile event concepts produce unique moments that will boost your brand emotionally, and bring sustainable customer loyalty along with them. From exclusive gala evenings, to international fairs, to flagship sporting extravaganzas and roadshows – our field of activity is as diverse as the needs of your brand. Perfectly executed events invoke a strong interaction and communication with your target audience. Beginning with event planning, proposed marketing strategies, and following through to implementation and on-site support; with ITMS everything comes from a single source that achieves seamless event concepts that are best in class. Contemporary events need to shine not only on the ground and on the day, but are managed before, during and after to carry the full effect to multiple channels.

From day one we have achieved great success for our customers in this field. The aim of sponsorship is to invigorate a brand's direction or message, and to convey a certain charisma. Engagements, whether in sports, in the media, in public or cultural fields, raise the profile of your brand and serve to create a sustainable position. Implemented appropriately, they also promote dialogue with the target audience, foster an emotional appeal and act to multiply and widen a campaign's range. ITMS knows that a sponsorship is only as good as the implementation, and especially the activation. In the interplay between our different fields of expertise, the entire advisory, planning and activation process arises from a single, expert source. This consistency and innovation makes for a winning formula.

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Andrew Davis
“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Andrew Davis