MLB Roadshow

The Major League Baseball annually organizes its roadshow to bring sports fans from around the world to America’s favorite pastime. With more than 250,000 visitors in 9 European cities, the road show had its 7th anniversary in 2015. The main component of the concept is the interactive fun park, which offers participants many hands-on activities. ITMS was responsible for the complete planning and implementation of the event as well as the acquisition of sponsors and promoting it through PR work.

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2000 - 2015 Major League Baseball Events, Public Relations, Sponsoring

"For the Love of the Game!"

Made up of high profile event modules, information and entertainment tents, the MLB Roadshow is an interactive fun-park with the capacity to transform city centers into miniature baseball arenas in no time. To ensure an outstanding environment for participants, partners and sponsors, ITMS procures only the best locations, such as Olympic Park Berlin, the Odeon Square in Munich and the Ajax Arena in Amsterdam.


Roadshow events are complemented by a number of additonal entertainments, with music and surprises for visitors along the way. In addition to a variety of print and online media, several TV and radio stations make an annual report from the MLB Roadshow. To further grab the attention of the press, the event features celebrity guests from the sport, and initiates proceedings with a ceremonial First Pitch that is not to be missed.