02. 22. 2017 Blog

At the Heart of the Action – Personal Initiative Is Required

I began my apprenticeship program at ITMS Marketing GmbH on August 15, 2015. Due to the welcoming attitudes of both the other apprentices and my event director, I felt extremely welcome into the ITMS community.

I am currently working in the event department, organizing projects while gaining experience in customer care, event management and client diversity. Because of my diligence, I was awarded with the opportunity to manage the planning of one of our biggest events, Hochzeitswelt Bad Nauheim.


The goal of this event was to attract new, capable exhibitors to our trade fair in order to offer visitors and vendors a varied display of diverse exhibitions. To obtain this, social media, program and exhibition planning were essential in creating a smooth, effective tradeshow. These challenges presented themselves as new, exciting tasks that I had never dealt with before; however, positive response from visitors and participating exhibitors enabled me to see the successes of my efforts.


As in previous years, the ITMS team has several interesting assignments and projects lined up for the coming year. We understand that our attentiveness to detail and passion for intercommunication are what enable our success.


This year, we are representing a well-known shopping center in Hessen. Such a project requires organization and realization of an important event, enabling us to expand on the promotional campaigns and customer support aspects of our marketing plans. In an effort to display this, we have planned a fashion show as well as a wide range of tasks that enable plenty of room for ITMS’ creative ideas.


Through my training at ITMS, I have learned to work on tasks independently and to find according solutions that promote self-confidence and self-initiative. In addition, I have learned to pay special attention to detail in order to show even the smallest tasks the upmost attention.


I am very excited about my continuing roll at ITMS, and cannot wait to see what further training in different departments brings fourth.


By Madeleine Devantier