02. 15. 2017 Blog

Current Trends in the Construction Industry

Hessen’s largest construction fair will opened its gates on February 16, 2017 in Giessen.

In four different exhibition rooms, around 300 exhibitors presented in 16,000 square meters of space, giving visitors an overview of current developments, future trends and innovative products.

The construction industry is booming in Germany, as it has for decades. In spite of this, companies are under constant pressure, for example, to find suitable specialists. Any group seeking to stand out as a manufacturer should be active in communicating their strengths to the outside world.


ITMS Marketing has been supporting various customers in the construction industry for several years. As a solution provider for holistic communication, we have been able to acquire profound profession and industrial knowledge over the years, establishing personal contacts with leading construction companies. While we support our customers at the largest trade fairs in the industry, we understand the active and continuous PR, communication and advertising necessary to inform the public about new developments and offers. Whether classic press, specialist articles, advertorials, online or print publications, TV or radio commercials-our tools are diverse and suitable for every budget. We will, of course, be preset at BAUExpo.


The BAUExpo 2017 will be held from February 16-February 19, 2017 in the Hessian Halls of Giessen. The main exhibition areas at BAUExpo include roof, wall, veneer, building elements, sanitary engineering, heating technology, energy technology, building technology, building chemicals, building protection, tools, wood building and ecological construction. Smart Homes will also be discussed. Intelligent building technology that makes life at home more confortable ensures safety and helps to save energy.