08. 08. 2017 Blog

Learning by Doing

My name is Anna Domnik and I have been working at ITMS Marketing for roughly a year now as part of my apprenticeship program in sales and marketing communication.

In my first few days, I was very excited and curious about what lay ahead of me as I was totally new to the environment. Starting working at ITMS, I was welcomed with open arms and quickly realized how well I fit in here.


The recently renovated agency, finds a new way to excite me every day. With a cordial “good morning” from everyone of my coworkers, I begin each work day feeling welcome in the office environment and ready to be productive. On my way upstairs to my desk on the top floor of the office, I am greeted by my friendly coworkers as they too begin their workdays.


Currently, I am working in the event planning division of the agency. Within the first month at ITMS, I worked with the planning and execution of a fashion show at an “Oktoberfest”. From the choice of the outfits and models all the way to the choreography, I was extremely involved in every step. It was very rewarding to witness the show on its two Saturdays and see how pleased the clients and visitors were with the spectacle. It was a great first event for me to plan and participate in.


In December I was responsible for organizing a “heavenly service” to create Christmas atmosphere at a shopping centre. With this assignment, my main duty was to find hostesses and organize costumes for them. After collecting all the elf costumes that the hostesses would wear, I coordinated their schedules so they could help wrap gifts for the children and bake cookies with them. The hostesses in their costumes also helped shoppers with their bags and added to the holiday cheer. I too dressed up as an elf and was included in the advertisement video, which was a great opportunity. It is rare that one is able to experience such exciting possibilities at work. Needless to say, the team and I had a ton of fun.


While planning the program, I had to figure out the schedules of all thirty-five hostesses and coordinate with all of them. It was very important to make sure they were all in the right place at the right time when it came time to start the program. I also had to have a backup plan in case anything didn’t go as planned. Although it was a lot of work and a stressful project, I had the full support of my coworkers the whole time which made a large difference in how I felt, and the outcome of our efforts. All in all, December was a difficult, stressful, yet very successful month.


If someone had told me a year ago I would be working here at ITMS with such full trust and independence, I wouldn’t have believed them. This level of responsibility and trust isn’t common among most apprentices in the first working year, which is something I have heard from many of my fellow classmates in my apprenticeship program. For this reason, I am very grateful for all of the educational and challenging experiences I have had during the past year.


During my first year here at ITMS Marketing, I have had so many great opportunities and experiences through which I have become a much more focused, independent and open-minded person. I am very excited to see what the future at ITMS holds for me. One thing is for certain: there will be many more exciting events and assignments for me to work on.