08. 24. 2023 Blog

The Real Top Dog at ITMS Works for Biscuits

“In every successful office there is a dog” – As businesses strive to create more positive and engaging office environments, the role of office pets has gained prominence. From the hallowed halls of the White House to corporations worldwide, the presence of a four-legged executive has become a cherished tradition. In the midst of it all, ITMS embraced this trend, introducing their very own Feel Good Manager, Logan, a friendly, intelligent, and devoted Golden Retriever who has proven to be an invaluable asset to the agency.

The whimsy of office canines

Dating back to 1800, the White House has celebrated the belief that every successful office must have a dog. With only one exception in the past 130 years, each US president at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has had a canine companion during their tenure. While the presence of a first dog in office may seem like a political tradition, its impact on the office culture cannot be overlooked. In fact, dogs in the workplace have been shown to enhance the overall ambiance, promoting a more cheerful and positive atmosphere that, in turn, contributes to the overall happiness of the staff.


Meet Logan, the Feel Good Manager

Taking a cue from the White House’s time-honored practice, ITMS welcomed Logan into their ranks six years ago. This friendly, intelligent, and lovable Golden Retriever quickly became a trusted member of the agency’s staff. Endowed with an eager-to-please attitude and genuine affection for his co-workers, Logan earned the prestigious corporate title of Feel Good Manager. His role was clear – to spread joy, comfort, and camaraderie among the team.


A Day in the life of Logan

Each morning, Logan’s first order of the day is to embark on a heartwarming mission: to pay each staff member a visit and ensure they start their day with a smile. His furry presence brightens up the office, eliciting smiles and laughter wherever he goes. Throughout the day, Logan roams freely around the office, making his rounds and engaging with his human colleagues. He’s no stranger to belly rubs, and his tail wags with delight as he delivers stuffed animals and attends team meetings in the second-floor conference room. With his friendly eyes, short ears, and straight muzzle, Logan seems to have a way of connecting with everyone he encounters.

Pet therapy – Unleashing stress relief

Work can sometimes be overwhelming, with deadlines, projects, and heavy workloads piling up. In times of stress, Logan becomes an unexpected source of relief. The Feel Good Manager offers a unique form of pet therapy to employees in need. Studies have shown that spending time with a friendly canine can reduce stress levels and induce a sense of relaxation. Logan is more than happy to lend a helping paw, allowing staff members to stroke his dense, lustrous coat of gold fur. A few minutes of petting and cuddling with Logan can work wonders, leaving employees feeling revitalized and ready to take on the challenges ahead.


An outgoing, trustworthy, and eager-to-please friend

Logan, the biscuit-loving Feel Good Manager, has proven himself to be an indispensable asset at ITMS. His unwavering dedication to spreading joy and comfort among the employees has enriched the office culture and strengthened the sense of camaraderie within the team. As offices worldwide recognize the profound benefits of having a four-legged friend in the workplace, Logan serves as a shining example of how a simple addition can make a significant difference. With his loyalty and heartwarming presence, Logan has truly earned his place as the real top dog at ITMS, working for biscuits and winning the hearts of everyone around him.