07. 18. 2019 Blog

Being Personable Is the Key to Social Media Success

Social media have totally changed the way we communicate, and in the process, surpassed mainstream media as the main source of our news. Understandable then that relevant content is the key ingredient for success on social media. But if content is king and distribution is queen, where does that leave marketing?


No longer having to convince editors to run their stories, marketers and PR practitioners enjoy a newfound power and control over their content. Immense potential, yes, but also full of risks. There is always a fear of a brand’s voice drowning out in the clamor and loudness of social media. Not only is the competition fierce, these platforms are a very fast-moving space. Instagram posts are easy to miss, and Facebook updates vie for attention with posts from family and friends, whose statuses are intrinsically more interesting to users.


If you don’t show any love to your audience, why would you expect them to show any love or loyalty to your brand? The top focus for marketers should be on being responsive to the people who follow you. After all, social media is all about relationships and engagement. In order to cut through the clutter, we need to tell stories that matter to people, not your brand.


At ITMS, we’ve developed an exquisite taste for social media and are more than happy to shed some light for our clients on some of the most important trends to watch for. We regularly share valuable tips on our Facebook Page and are also devoting ourselves to this topic in a series of blog posts on our website. Here are our first five short and crisp tips on how to improve your social media relevance.


  • Our digital world is fast-paced and characterized by a constant change of trends. Pick up on hot topics, trends and events in real-time and make your company part of the media exposure!


  • A healthy mix of organic and paid content on #Facebook allows you to reach the right audiences despite the platform’s constant stream of negative media coverage. A reflective and transparent approach is the best way to go.


  • Regular posts on #Facebook but your target audience hangs out on a different channel?! The right platform choice is crucial for your marketing success on social media. Understand your target group’s behaviors before you start posting;-)


  • Create and post content that can be opened and read in a single tap for audiences on the go. Multimedia content such as short-form videos and infographics achieve more interaction.


  •  to be successful on “social” media. Those who use it as a mere advertising platform with no real communication value will fail to establish an engaged community. Always promote interaction!


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