04. 27. 2017 Press Releases

New Ad Campaign Takes the Sting Out of Omnipresent Taboo

ITMS Marketing creates new cross-media campaign for major manufacturer of incontinence product.

Seni kicks off an advertising offensive for its personal hygiene products in Germany. One of the leading brands of the TZMO Group, Seni has set its sights on taking the taboo out of a very common, still unmentionable problem: a weak bladder. New TV commercials, matching ads and a dedicated campaign landing page were created and positioned to reach out directly to the online affinity of their very vital target groups. The new campaign was conceived and developed by ITMS, TZMO’s agency of record since 2014. The agency’s creatives found a clever way to approach the sensitive topic, making incontinence a talk-able subject and putting potential customers at ease with unwelcomed situations.


The TZMO Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical, personal care and hygienic products, with a broad portfolio consisting of 15 different brands. The multinational firm sells and markets its brands in 80 different markets around the world. For TZMO Germany, this is not just their first online campaign, but also the first campaign specifically developed for the German market. Created for the active, 50+ age set, it shatters the social taboos associated with a vital generation’s most inconvenient problem.


The new advertising campaign is differentiated toward men and women affected by one common, unmentionable problem: an unpredictable bladder. Its emotional pitch is, matter-of-factly, non-emotional. In text and images, the product you see is the one you don’t: no embarrassment, no furtive glances, no isolation. Just fun, good times and easy-going togetherness. With the new advertising, the agency successfully depicts normal situations with normal people – while providing, in the same frame, the products to sustain that normalcy for those afflicted. Research shows that 40% of women between the ages of 45 and 60 suffer from incontinence to some measurable degree.


Situations everyone can identify with: “Ain’t no shame in having fun” Two TV spots – one concentrating on this common plight of women, one on the men’s – evolved out of extensive planning and elaborate filming on location. Reaching out to the target groups with two everyday scenarios with friends: soccer games and cinema visits, the commercials also provide the theme sets for print ads, promotional materials and dedicated websites.


The slogans, “Stronger than any back four defense”, and, “In my life’s story, I’m the director”, play on the story lines of the soccer spots and cinema. Key video scenes have been reproduced for print media to strengthen recognition of the two messages. B2B advertising reflect the print media identity with the focus on product features and information.


The campaign idea, creative, visuals, slogans and story lines were all created and developed in-house in Bad Nauheim by ITMS. The creative direction, including video spots, print advertising and website platforms, was held by art director Arturo Goosmann-Seminario. Thomas Kessler handled the production of the video spots. A separate photo shooting brought the desired feeling for the images used in the campaign’s ads, website and various other marketing collateral.


Communication to targeted customers takes place primarily online, including viewing at the media libraries of Germany’s most popular TV channels. To best reach this active target group, diverse online channels are being accessed. The new print ads supporting the campaign have been placed in relevant lifestyle and health publications, as well as free magazines distributed by pharmacies and drug stores. Care professionals are being specially targeted through B2B publications. To complete the broad-based coverage, longer versions of the commercials will also be aired on monitors in pharmacies and personal care departments throughout Germany.