05. 12. 2017 Press Releases

ITMS Turns Frankfurt Aviation-Event Into a Buzz-Worthy Summit

Aviation-Event 2017, an established business conference in the aviation industry, was held at the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) at Frankfurt International Airport last week.

Aviation-Event is one of the aviation industry’s foremost business conferences, playing host to various decision makers in today’s political landscape, business world, as well as in the fields of civil and industrial aviation. This professional forum accommodates the ever widening paths of air travel and traffic as they crisscross this rapidly expanding transportation segment.

An industry that has been under much scrutiny by the media and public of late, it is of utmost importance that current concerns and trends in aviation be discussed by those leading the field as well as their customers. That is why ITMS was contracted for the first time, in this the event’s ninth year, to set new accents for in PR and social media. By integrating Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram into the communications, ITMS sought to create a comprehensive and expansive presence for the Aviation-Event across the different outlets.


It is only fitting that the social media panel discussion, headed by ITMS agency head and panel moderator George Pascal, stole the show. By relying on his agency’s team to lay the groundwork for a dynamic communication flow on social media, Pascal was able to focus on the content and format of the discussion.


Influencer marketing was one of the key elements discussed by the experts. Pascal, himself enjoying a broad-based background in airline marketing that spans more than two decades, proved very astute to the modern social media trends and achieved very active and interesting discussions.


The panel was split into two parts. The first consisted of five Instagram-active flight attendants and a female pilot. The talk revolved around how “Influencers” such as themselves could help improve an airline’s image and perception as direct representatives of the industry who on a daily basis work to improve the experience and safety of their customers. With a focus on branding, the second panel featured two marketing experts who looked at the topic from the other side of the table.


Setting up the logistics for the social media panels was the most challenging of tasks, but the immense preparation effort was rewarded by intense online visitor traffic throughout the discussions. As moderator for both panels, Pascal left the technical and organizational aspects – communication with the panels’ participants and the coordination of the various theme topics – in the expert hands of his team.


With more such events to come, ITMS initiated a photo campaign in order to foster greater interest in the aviation industry. The collection features key panel members in front of a branded backdrop. Each speaker’s personal feedback will be superimposed with their photo and then released across multiple online platforms in the coming weeks and months to promote future Aviation-Events.