07. 11. 2017 Blog

#selfietime – How-To Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie

More and more frequently these days, companies are using Influencers to aid in their marketing efforts.

With these Influencers, brands are able to reach new and broader audiences, through the accounts and posts the Influencers frequently disperse to their many followers. Through their posts, the Influencers function both as opinion makers and people who can add new, previously non-existent emotion to a brand. This personal identification that links a certain human to a product can increase the connection the followers feel with the particular products and brands. This type of Influencer is normally found on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

With a successful Influencer who worked as an intern at the agency this spring, ITMS was able to gather insight into the sophisticated world of a popular German social media Influencer. With Instagram as her primary social media platform, Ines Emde is able to quickly publish influential posts with important new information to her over 118,000 followers. Almost daily she posts pictures and tips to her followers about beauty and lifestyle topics. As an intern at ITMS, Ines played an instrumental role in adding new layers to the agency’s successful social media campaigns. She worked at ITMS to help better develop the company’s understanding of the fast-growing marketing practice.


Time and time again, Ines stresses the importance of a well thought out and executed photo to be posted to the followers. A proper photo makes all the difference in this discipline and is crucial when trying to influence a follower’s opinions. The best photo will not only show the Influencer in their best light, but also the product, service or company they are working with. The art of the perfect photo is something that isn’t easy to master, but Ines has offered a few pieces of advice to help better understand her process. Here are her three main tips on taking the perfect selfie:


1. Pick the perfect location

The choice of location is important to consider when thinking about what atmosphere the Influencer wants to transport their followers to. If the location is an everyday location like the garden or a room in the house, it is important to make it feel and look very personal and authentic. When the location is somewhere from a vacation or a particular new place, it is important to make it obvious that the viewer is part of new discoveries.


2. Find the perfect lighting

A good selfie lives and dies with the lighting. Especially flattering is properly utilized natural light. The natural light has the ability to mask minor impurities in the skin and emphasize the contours of the face. On the other hand, when the sunlight is too strong, the opposite is caused and unevenness can often be exposed and emphasized.


3. Choose the perfect makeup

Makeup often appears less intense when viewed in a picture than in real life. For this reason it is important to calmly emphasize your best natural features such as your large eyes. Just make sure not to overdo it, otherwise the makeup has the opposite effect.


Most importantly, Ines recommends being true to yourself for the best outcome. It is very difficult to be successful as an Influencer while not being your truthful self. Somebody who is natural, instead of having “Smokey Eyes” makeup will be better off. Having lighter tones for makeup, being authentic, and not acting while being an Influencer will lead to the best results.