05. 15. 2020 Blog

Good News for Restaurants

If you are a restaurant operator or owner, now is the time to review and optimize your online presence.

With further easing of corona restrictions today, restaurants are breathing a sigh of relief. Germany is finally giving restaurants the go-ahead to open their doors again. Owners and operators will hopefully have plenty to do today but what about tomorrow, the coming weeks and the months after that? It’s high time to make sure that guests can easily find your establishment on the web and ensure that they’ll be able to get a virtual taste of the experience that awaits them. The reopening gives you the chance to also restart online.


Where will you appear in the search results once everyone starts searching for restaurants in your area? How will you inform your guests about the new regulations to which the re-openings are subject to? The best place to reach your guests is where they’ve been spending the last few weeks anyway: on the web. Use this opportunity to make your online presence stand out.


Make sure that the relevant information such as opening hours, reservations, restrictions, special considerations, etc. that are particularly relevant to your guests right now, are all up to date. It’s also important that your social media channels are fully aligned and sharing the same news. Keep in mind that everything that appears on your website should always be consistently reflected by your social media channels as well. That way, you’ll keep your guests up to date and your restaurant will stay in their minds.


Finally, you should make sure to have your website optimized for all the search engines (SEO). Appearing further up in search results will increase your reach. Certain keywords play a particularly important role in this. Placed in headlines, texts and image descriptions, they make the search engine recognize topics and display relevant results so that your site can be easily found by your potential customers. In addition, there are descriptions of the page that the search engine displays, briefly showing the most relevant information. Likewise, links and the structure of the website should be logically arranged so that both real visitors and algorithms can navigate their way around your site more easily. After all, if you have to click around on a page without finding your way you’ll give up and leave the page just as quickly as you got there. This also means that headers and headlines must be meaningful and fit the content. Content and texts need to be short and to the point. Avoid clichés and overused texts that you see on every other website and is really not that relevant to your customers anyway. Original texts appeal best to visitors and let your website climb further up in the search results.


Now is the best time to ensure that every relevant search term leads potential customers to your restaurant on the web!