07. 25. 2017 Blog

Work Hard, Party Hard – The Making of an Exciting Company Party

Last month, the Main-Taunus-Center, Hesse’s largest shopping mall, hosted an outsized, after-work party for all of the mall’s co-workers.

The center director of the popular Frankfurt shopping center got things rolling by greeting the over 1,000 attendees and thanking them for their commitment and great team cohesion. But this was hardly your typical employee party – One of the mall’s parking lots had been transformed into an oversized party-zone with bars, food stands, dance floors, lounging areas and lots of space to let go and chill out. The excitement was in the air with the malls’ employees enjoying good food, great music and dancing into the night. A major experience made possible by ITMS Marketing’s dynamic event touch.

When the first guests began arriving at 8:00 pm, they found a perfectly-prepared setting waiting for them. What the guests didn’t know, was the amount of time and preparation that went into making the special event such a success. The months-long organization of the happening began at the beginning of the year when ITMS’s event planners shifted their full attention to scheming and creating a one-of-a-kind event experience for their client. Preparations included turning one of the mall’s parking lots into a nightlife party-zone that could easily have been located at a club on Spain’s party island of Ibiza.


At the start of the day, it was business as usual at the mall, which meant shoppers were not to be disturbed. ITMS staffers started erecting all the various structures needed for the intricate party setup in the wee hours of the morning to ensure that they’d be ready to go at the end of the work day. A masterful logistical performance! Before day break, a convoy of trucks arrived with all the necessary furniture, decorations, catering, sanitary facilities, sound systems and lighting equipment. For this setup to function perfectly, the agency’s event experts had worked out a detailed overall operational and material plan that ensured that no time or resources would be wasted. By breaking preparations into individual segments and time sequences and these then into many shorter slots, they were able to make sure that everything that needed to get done, got done. After ten hours of preparing the catering, security, sound system including a DJ booth with speakers, the party was ready to begin. Everything that was built and set up for the mega event, also needed to be taken down immediately after. An ITMS event team of thirty worked from the end of the party until 6:00 am the following morning to pack up everything and leave the site spotless and ready for another day of shopping at the Main-Taunus-Center. All thirty members of the team were crucial to the success of the event and the efficient set up and break down of everything used to create the impressive atmosphere.


Some highlights from the event include the extraordinary light and music show. During the event, the walls of the Galeria Kaufhof were illuminated with many different colored lights, creating an exciting and dynamic scene. A hip DJ who is very well-known in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region club scene and beyond, made for a phenomenal auditory experience. His powerful beats kept the dancefloor full of excited dancing all night long.


And because celebrating also makes one quite hungry and thirsty, the team from ITMS organized a variety of opportunities for the party guests to enjoy different refreshments. These opportunities were thoroughly enjoyed by the hungry guests.


The party, which continued late into the night, was a huge success and a night not to be forgotten. At the end of a very long day, seeing all the happy, smiling faces made it all worthwhile.