01. 19. 2015 News

A Success Story: Ten Years of Happy Couples at Bridal World

More vendors, more exhibitors and an attractive show program for the anniversary

For the last ten years couples have been attracted to Bridal World in Bad Nauheim as an excellent event to explore all things wedding related. Since 2006 professional event organizers, and founders, BestEvents by ITMS Marketing, have steadily expanded the popular fair. Year after year more exhibitors and visitors have requested to attend, coming from further and further afield.


When it comes to planning and organizing your special day there is so much to think about that it could be overwhelming. Invitations, flowers, dresses, location, music and more are all part and parcel of what makes the perfect day. Anything that makes this easier is a blessing. With a wealth of experience, Bridal World in Bad Nauheim is an event completely designed around helping prepare and inspire you for your wedding. When it comes to this important milestone, nothing should be left to chance.

Firmly ingrained as an integral part of the year’s events calendar, Bridal World has ten years of experience behind it in order to show off the latest wedding trends; from attire and catering to music and photography, as well as much, much more. This year, the event’s organizers BestEvents by ITMS Marketing, scored a record number of exhibitors – around 50 from 25 different industries – all presented in the luxurious surroundings of the Hotel Dulce, in the scenic spa town of Bad Nauheim.


Eye-catching communication activities

Over the years the promotion of the bridal show by BestEvents has continued to raise its profile and allow more aspects of weddings to be showcased than ever before.


“The long-standing tradition and high quality of the fair means that word of it has spread. We have visitors coming in from all over the Rhine-Main area, as well as Hochtaunus and Vogelsberg,” says Carolin Pascal, Director of Best Events.


Any successful event will also include appropriate communication measures. Being part of a recognized full-service ad agency with talented creatives has certainly paid off, as the event has seen an increase in both visitors and exhibitors. To promote Bridal World both print and radio adverts were used alongside posters in regional cities.


The personal touch

As with every year, there was a wealth of things to view, touch and taste. Artists, musicians and fashion designers showcased themselves alongside photographers and weddings planners. Interaction between visitors and exhibitors was welcome and encouraged. Guests were able to listen to music, or examine wedding attire, as well as have in-depth talks with the various exhibitors about anything wedding related. Entire wedding parties were even on occasion able to savor a choice of wedding cakes.


“Over the years Bridal World has been well received by old and young alike – interest has been particularly focused on the opportunities for personal discussions with exhibitors.” Says Pascal.


In addition to all the sights to see, visitors were able to take part in a raffle in order to win vouchers with a total value of over €3,000.


For further information please visit: www.hochzeitswelt-bad-nauheim.de