04. 03. 2017 News

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a TV Commercial

Tuesday, March 21st 2017 was the big day. Ten walk-ons, recruited from nearby neighborhoods in a reach-out through the local newspaper, took their places alongside three professional models to film a TV spot in the Fantasia Cinema in the spa town of Bad Nauheim.

They came out of curiosity, out of their interest in acting, and for the exciting experience of being “on film”. Answering an ad for female walk-ons to participate in a personal products commercial aimed at women aged 30 to 55, they got off to a cheery start, standing in as obviously happy filmgoers in a commercial spot for a not-so-easily-talked-about remedy for incontinence. Seni, a market leader in personal care and incontinence products, is the client relying on the expertise of the Bad Nauheim marketing and communications agency, ITMS Marketing, to execute their latest marketing strategy aimed at an age group still youthful and vital in spirit.

Taking out the “sting”: The new campaign, aimed strategically and with humor to both men and women the other side of forty, takes on the rarely talked about but omnipresent subject of incontinence. Looking to break the taboos associated with this very sensitive subject, ITMS has taken a lighthearted approach with this new and informative advertising campaign, demonstrating how life can still be lived to the fullest, even with “the spirit willing but the bladder weak”. Scheduled to run on online channels beginning early May, this spot, geared to female audiences, will run parallel to that filmed the week before for the men, featuring – what else? – the guys gathered round the TV for a football match. No soft drinks, no beer, no sudden bursts of laughter or surprise need dampen the fun or excitement of an active lifestyle… with the right product at hand.


Timing is everything. And yes, the shooting went like clockwork. Racing to finish before the cinema opened for regular business at 5 pm, the atmosphere in Fantasia remained easy going and anticipating. A few last minute makeup and hair checks, quick wardrobe changes here and there to enhance the lighting and composition, and the cameras rolled. The photographers, working alongside the camera crew on the set, collected parallel shots for the supporting ad campaign in magazines, newspapers and other print media. A perfect setting for the camera crew intent on capturing the essential message: “Ain’t no shame in having fun”.


Thanks to the precise planning by the ITMS creative team, comprised of artists, copywriters, photographers, filmmakers and a mindful account manager, joined by stylists and makeup artists on set, the entire shoot went off without a hitch. ITMS’s senior art director launched the conceptual activity with a mood board that set the creative framework for production, followed by planning, planning and more planning to assure all the elements of the shoot went right.


A long but productive day ended with everyone satisfied: the cast and crew in high spirits after a job well done, the stand-ins happy to have been a part of the action in and behind the scenes, and Seni and ITMS with the certainty that a very sensitive subject no longer needs to remain taboo.