10. 13. 2021 News

ITMS Whips up Creative Photos for Bakery Chain

The agency’s creative team dreams up and executes different campaigns across a variety of visual mediums. For long-standing client Hinnerbäcker, the agency staged a photo shoot to fashion campaign images that whet the appetite for the traditional bakery chain’s sweet and savory treats.

The sweet indulgence of a mouthwatering breakfast basket filled with baked treats by Hinnerbäcker

Fresh wood-fired bread, golden bread rolls, traditional German pretzels and French croissants, as well as sweet and savory delicacies such as doughnuts, pretzel knots, poppy seed rolls, pizza pockets and lady-killers – all of these delicious baked goods can usually be enjoyed at one of the bakery café group’s 70-plus stores in the Rhine-Main area. But this time, the baked dishes are not on display in the traditional bakery’s shop windows but lined up on trays at ITMS’s offices.


The smell of freshly brewed coffee, fresh bread, crusty rolls and cinnamon treats fills the air in the Bad Nauheim agency’s second floor lounge but it’s not lunch time and no one is eating. Lights are beaming and the endless click-clack of a camera’s shutter can be heard across the large open space above the reception area. A group of creatives is in the middle of a photo shoot for the agency’s long-standing client Hinnerbäcker. Spotlights, sidelights, diffusers and reflectors provide atmospheric light, while a white backdrop, plates, baskets, boards and other accessories create the right ambience to set the scene for the baked goods.


Photos with brand recognition value

“Our team consists of many talented creatives, including skilled photographers,” says Associate Director Carolin Pascal. “The breadth of our team allows us to implement photo projects for our clients without much effort while assuring that we deliver the ideal images we need for their campaigns.” The aim of this photo shoot is to create visual content for Hinnerbäcker’s advertising, homepage and varied other purposes across the different social media platforms the agency uses to promote the client.


Each loaf of bread, every single roll and baked treat is set in a scene – sometimes alone, sometimes in combination, and with a range of different backdrops. The breads are presented partially sliced on wooden cutting boards. For brand recognition, they discreetly lie on a Hinnerbäcker napkin. Mini decorative glass bowls filled with tasty jams adorn a plate of rolls and croissants. A quick glimpse on the camera’s display screen reveals mouthwatering images that whet the appetite for the traditional bakery’s delicacies.

A behind the scenes look at the agency’s food photo shoot reveals a team of creatives giving their all to capture the best possible images for its client

Short videos are also shot for Hinnerbäcker’s social media channels. A croissant is split into two by hand in the most pleasurable and aesthetic way possible. The added benefit of the videos? Sound effects, such as the sweet crunching sound when the croissant is gradually divided into two halves – this further supports the goal of making consumers hungry for more Hinnerbäcker treats.


Full body effort to create the perfect photo

The agency’s team always gives their all to achieving best results for its clients. Whether it’s an in-store promotion for Hinnerbäcker, where promoters wear sandwich advertising boards, or a photo shooting. “A little more to the left,” directs the photographer behind the camera. A colleague, kneeling on the table with her long blonde hair spilling to a side, is gently balancing a new nut cream roll creation in mid-air over a floured backdrop – a full body effort for the perfect photo.


Hinnerbäcker has been a client of the full-service agency for over ten years. In 2009, ITMS repositioned the traditional bakery with the campaign “Hinnerbäcker…my daily pleasure”. Among other current efforts, the agency created a new website this year, developed an attention-grabbing CSR sponsoring initiative, diverse ads and out-of-home advertising, and manages the bakery chain’s social networking channels.