01. 15. 2018 News

Individuals Who See No Boundaries to What They Can Do Wanted!

A transformation of marketing is underway as we spend more time on our mobiles, tablets and laptops. Networked digital devices and the many new communication platforms provide exciting new tasks and challenges for creatives and strategists in agencies.

The modern-day agency needs to combine the creative side of the discipline – using powerful narratives to tap into people’s wishes and aspirations – with the technical side of data, digital engineering and analytics.

Real-time conversations brands have with their followers as they interact on social media platforms and mobile apps have changed the nature of the game. The speed, relevance and reach of campaigns are key areas which have been transformed by digital. Messages can be targeted with a laser focus to very specific groups offering them relevant content. With so many different ways that customers access media, whether through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, news websites, via mobile or tablet apps, a strong idea can quickly gain huge scale. ITMS has always recognized new trends and always updated its skill set to best support clients as an innovative solution provider.


However, creativity and campaigns that succeed in achieving passion for brands and build loyalty, still remain the fundamental elements in effective marketing. With 27 years of experience in advertising, graphic design, public relations and events, ITMS has an established strong reputation of developing and implementing emotional brand campaigns while excelling at creating innovative and creative initiatives. Balancing this passion for creativity while focusing on innovation and progress have been the keys to the agency’s long-term success. ITMS combines creativity and strategic excellence to remain an adept companion and trusted partner for its clients at a time when digital and social media campaigns continue to replace other forms of advertising.


ITMS looks forward to exciting campaigns and several new clients in 2018. The agency’s team consists of a mix of millennials and more experienced staff – all talented, ambitious and motivated individuals. The agency plans to further expand its team in the first quarter of 2018 and seeks to sign up two inspired graphic designers, a talented copywriter and dynamic social media specialist.


At ITMS, staff have the opportunity to work on exciting and diverse projects for international brands. The agency’s creatives enjoy a relaxed and pleasant working environment, with flat hierarchies and short communication channels in a relaxed and dynamic work atmosphere. New ideas and fresh input are always welcome and help drive the agency’s commitment forward.


Interested candidates can read more about the available positions and apply directly on the ITMS.com website.