12. 03. 2016 News

ITMS Hires “Santa’s Little Helpers” for Hesse’s Largest Shopping Center

Heavenly service in MTZ

Since December 1st, visitors of the Main-Taunus-Center have been given a special shopping experience that still lasts all month long. Little elves, blond angels and helpful pages make for a Christmas atmosphere and turn shopping in Hesse’s biggest shopping center into an even more beautiful time. This service is organized by the communication agency ITMS, based in Bad Nauheim.

170 stores and the shopping center’s own Christmas market invite visitors of the MTZ to experience a lavish shopping trip. Because shoppers can quickly lose themselves in such a large selection, the shopping center has devised something special: visitors of the MTZ can receive a holiday gift consultation. Friendly pages are available to help all visitors in selecting the right presents. These helpers are high-tech, too – using iPads, they advise each customer on specific gifts in any desired price categories.


So that visitors don’t have to deal with a massive pile of unwrapped presents later once they arrive back at home, gift-wrapping is also available on site. Christmas elves choose from a large selection of high-quality wrapping paper and bows to give the gifts an individual, decorative touch. This service is free. Any money visitors wish to donate will be given to the Main-Taunus Foundation and the Leberecht Foundation.


Even loaded down with full shopping bags and Christmas gifts, visitors won’t be left to fend for themselves in the MTZ. Friendly helpers assist visitors with shopping bags, especially when those bags are unexpectedly full of gifts. And because Christmas is always a wonderful time for children to experience, the shopping center has prepared activities for kids too. Together with MTZ’s “heavenly helpers”, children between the ages of 5 and 12 can bake cookies to take home and eat. This service is offered from 12am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday. And for children who have always wanted to speak to baby Jesus, they have the opportunity to do just that in the MTZ! Wednesday through Friday from 2pm to 6 pm, children can call from an English phone booth and speak with baby Jesus – and it’s quite a miracle, too, all the things He knows about these kids!