08. 24. 2016 News

ITMS Promotes Qatar Airways’ New Routes to Australia

The night was thick with excitement as journalists and bloggers from the lifestyle, travel, aviation and news media gathered at a special event location in Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen district.

ITMS’s event department had reserved the venue exclusively for Qatar Airways to promote the airline’s expanding network to Australia and to position the carrier as the top airline to travel to Australia with best end-to-end experience and service for travellers from Germany.

The Australian themed media event started with a cocktail reception on the outdoor rooftop terrace overlooking Frankfurt’s skyline. After the welcoming ceremony and introduction, a traditional Australian barbeque with a blend of Mediterranean, and German foods was served. Part of the organized activities for the attending journalists was the opportunity to be photographed with different Qatar Airways branded decorations, such as a surfboard and an Australian sunset backdrop. The journalists also had a chance to virtually experience Australia. They were able to swim with seals, observe kangaroos, and be part of a sightseeing flight at the event’s virtual reality station. Then, the group was split in two and rotated between a cooking course to create the desserts in the gallery kitchen and a wine tasting with an Australian Sommelier and authentic South Australian wines.


Julia Schenk, Public Relations Manager at ITMS, and her team were in charge of planning and executing the event. “The location was perfect, and the guests were enthralled by the event’s varied activities and very positive atmosphere. The challenge in our work is to create and organise activities to keep the client top of mind. I really feel that the essence of Australia as a top destination in Qatar Airways’ network was captured at this event, and that we created an excellent occasion for the media to spread the word,” she said of the summer media event.