08. 20. 2020 News

ITMS Supports Businesses in Community

These are challenging times and businesses of all sorts are struggling because of the global shutdown caused by Covid-19.

While we can’t prevent the resulting economic slump, we can choose to spend our money locally and give businesses in the community a fighting chance to survive. Behind every local business is a friend, a neighbor, a parent and someone who in many cases, makes a lifelong contribution to the local community.


ITMS has become actively involved in supporting diverse local businesses with fun and lighthearted campaigns to drum excitement for their products and services. The catchy slogans and creative designs are fueling positive customer-sentiment but there’s a lot more to these campaigns than just a pretty face. The agency is applying its broad marketing know-how to develop smart campaigns that are not only promoting short-term sales but just as important, building the local brands and widening their target base for future campaigns and promotions.


A back to school promotion for the times

König+, an established office and school supplies shop in the Hessian town of Friedberg, had a cool idea for a back to school promotion with great savings on everything kids need to learn in style. An upgraded website makes it stress-free and easy for customers to order everything needed online. Thereafter, König+ takes over the shopping, getting everything ready for pick up or delivering the order free of charge.


ITMS jumped into action creating a mini campaign with cool visuals, promotions and quickly got the word out via social media and PR in the local media. The humorous ads clearly struck a chord with König+’s userbase. And by employing targeted promotions that include diverse data points, eCommerce conversion rates resulting from the Facebook and Instagram ads are being collected in real-time. Based on this data, key areas in the checkout flow can be optimized with real-time discounts, coupon codes or product bundles.

Positive engagement with target audiences

Consumers expect content, promotions and their online experience to be personalized. To drive conversions, promotions need to be targeted. Getting customers involved and making them a part of a business’s social media community is an equally important step for future promotions and campaigns. By working within König+’s local target market, the promotions spread quickly reaching over 30,000 people (a high percentage of the target group in the region) on Instagram within days of its start. After just the first week, the community on the Instagram account has already doubled. 45,000 impressions, 479 engagements and 455 clicks to König+’s profile were initial indications that the ads were achieving their objective and drawing interest. The story was similar on Facebook – Reach hit 40,000 by week’s end, engagement scored over 1,000 within the same time period, while followers also grew.


Social media has been one of the most powerful ways to support local small businesses during the crisis. ITMS is astutely combining creativity, content and data to create campaigns that are having an impact for businesses in their community. And the benefits of supporting local independent businesses will extend beyond the crises.