02. 03. 2016 News

Lahm, Pirlo and Kuba Grace New Drutex Campaign

Drutex, the largest manufacturer of vertical windows in Europe, has just unveiled its new advertising campaign.

Continuing the partnership with its promotional ambassadors Philipp Lahm, Jakub Błaszczykowski and Andrea Pirlo, the campaign keeps the advantages of Drutex products at its core.

The famous football trio has already worked with the window manufacturer for about two years, each having a significant fanbase and influence in the company’s target markets of Germany, Poland and Italy. The completely redesigned campaign for Drutex is directed both at architects and decision makers in the construction industry, as well as to private builders and homeowners.


With an emotive tagline, the new campaign is lyrically engaging and also depicts the specific strengths and advantages of Drutex products. It links each strength to the individual characteristics of the brand ambassadors: precision (Philipp Lahm), reliability (Jakub Błaszczykowski) and elegance (Andrea Pirlo). Building upon the previous campaign “The Champions´ Choice”, which developed and expanded brand awareness in the target markets, the new slogan expresses “Elegance, Precision and Reliability in a Window”. The high emphasis is on quality, stability, and modern design in windows which are always in step with architectural trends and technical market requirements.


The new campaign leads with a group photo, but also includes individual profiles of each brand ambassador. A striking feature of the four new designs is the strengthening of the product range. The entire spectrum of the campaign was shot by famous Italian fashion photographer Andrea Varani. Sumptuous outdoor scenes in Sri Lanka and Malibu preceded the final photo shoot in Munich’s Milk City studio.


The development and implementation of the integrated campaign, which will run throughout 2016 in selected European markets, was the result of a multi-agency collaboration between Poland, Germany and Italy. ITMS Marketing has represented the window manufacturer since 2013. The agency is responsible for covering all public relations activities as well as the strategic planning and purchase of media, as well as supporting the realization of sponsorship, events and trade shows.