12. 05. 2016 News

New Branding for Drutex

Drutex, one of the leading window manufacturers in Europe, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. That alone would be reason enough to take stock of its global expansion over the past three decades.

But a new logo and slogan along with an updated corporate design highlight the global ambitions of Drutex. This global player has been supported by the communications agency ITMS for more than three years.

Last year, the company was able to increase its brand awareness in key markets such as Germany and establish itself as a trustworthy and sustainable brand for both consumers and industry professionals. Its strategy shift is now to integrate the company’s values ??and expertise areas even more into its communication. Unifying the brand image with the new logo and new slogan will serve to effectively share Drutex brand values worldwide and to shape its image.


The new Drutex logo has been inspired by the motif used since 1994 in the company’s corporate communications. It combines the history of the global player with today’s demand for modernity and elegance. In addition, not only is it easily legible, but it also contains a descriptive element: the “D” stands for the brand name while also symbolizing a window inside the interior, representing Drutex’s most important product group. The use of the color yellow reappears from the previous logo and is supplemented by a clear, modern black.


In addition to a new logo and updated corporate design, Drutex has also created a new, unifying slogan for its global brand identity. The motto “Engineered for you” underscores the company’s global ambitions and illustrates the high degree of customization available within its product portfolio.


In the first quarter of 2017, the introduction into key markets such as Germany, Poland and Italy will be accompanied by a wide-reaching advertising campaign. ITMS has been supporting Drutex since its first communications launch in Germany. For the new campaign, the agency will again be responsible for strategic media planning. The team will also implement its media cooperation and product placements, and will carry out the company’s ongoing public relations program within the local market.