Express Your Personality

The repositioning of a technical brand into an emotional one stood in focus of the global campaign for bicycle manufacturer Dahon. Individuals equipped with Dahon bicycles were photographed – stand-out characters with exponential personalities on common ground, having fun in movement. This theme was a recurring presence in the advertisements, whether in print, online, or in social media, in order to ensure high visibility. We were responsible for the creative and media strategy of the campaign, which was conducted simultaneously in 15 countries.

Date 2011
Client Dahon
Services Advertising

A Perfect Folding Bike for Everyone

World leader in folding bicycles Dahon already had a product range of bikes to suit every style of rider. To highlight this, we created a campaign featuring a wide range of charismatic individuals equipped with an array of bikes that perfectly match their styles. Catchy slogans reinforce the striking imagery.

Making of

A dazzling idea, a clear strategy and a lot of creative flexibility was needed for us to pull off this campaign so successfully, with everything from design, layout, photography and copywriting, to media planning and execution coming together perfectly to make this a standout success.