Sketching a Football Website

The Seni Cup is an international football tournament for people with intellectual disabilities. We were responsible for the design, programming, technical details and implementation of a brand-new website. The multi-faceted website features a responsive design, cross-browser and multi-device compatibility, and an easy-to-maintain content management system. A user-friendly enrollment tool makes it practical for participating teams to register. The use of customized illustrations make the design of the website unique and allow it to really stand out.

Date 2018
Client TZMO
Services Advertising

Illustrations Captivate and Clarify

The task was to create a new thematic website for the Seni Cup tournament in an appealing and easy-to-understand fashion. With a lack of authentic images and not wanting to use everyday stock images, our project team decided to develop illustrations as visual features to both explain and spruce up the design. By creating a series of customized drawings, our creatives were able to fulfill both roles in a way that truly leverages the design element of the website and allows everyone to follow the narrative.

Promoting Self-Esteem and Social Responsibility

An international football tournament based on a relevant cause is made great by the little things as much as the big things. Our copywriters constructed the text to appeal to different target audiences. Good copy and design go hand in hand here. There is also an easy-to-use function which simplifies the language.

User and Client Friendly Experience

Timely news-related posts before, during and after the events are essential for the website. Fresh content keeps readers coming back and increases search engine traffic. The website looks great on any device and has an efficient interface which allows the client to add content and make changes from anywhere.