The Taboo of Incontinence

How do you take the embarrassment out from the taboo theme of incontinence and reach affinity audiences on television and the web? We developed a TV campaign featuring two distinct commercials targeting male and female viewers. The campaign carried over into print and online ads, spots in pharmacies, as well as a campaign website. Using an emotive narrative, the commercials express the sentiment that incontinence does not have to lead to embarrassment or an altered lifestyle. Selecting the right advertising platforms to reach target audiences assured a strong response rate.

Date 2017
Client TZMO
Services Advertising

Story Continues on Campaign Site

The ads succeeded in drawing the target audience to the campaign website. Staying with the same narrative, the site takes over from where the ads left off, informing and introducing visitors to Seni’s incontinence options. Captivating taglines, pertinent copy and visuals tell the story. Seni’s products are comfortable, effective and discreet. Orders of free samples were significantly up during the campaign.

Print ads in lifestyle, special interest, men’s and women’s magazines all stayed on message: Light incontinence sufferers can enjoy their social lives just like their friends do.

There’s More to the Story

To go along with the campaign, we created a handy booklet that helps consumers with varying degrees of incontinence manage their conditions. Info graphics, exercise tips, a product overview and support though Seni’s digital app provide useful guidance and bring awareness to incontinence issues.

Behind The Scenes

A creative idea, detailed planning and a myriad of processes go into making a successful television advertising campaign. It’s truly an art and something that requires extensive knowledge and a talented team. We put it all together to realize a campaign that was on-target, on-time and on-budget.