10. 14. 2015 News

“The Consolidation Trend Will Continue to Grow”

ITMS Executive Director and founder George S. Pascal was interviewed for the current issue of Glaswelt, the independent trade magazine for professionals and decision makers from the windows, facades, sun protection and glass sector.

Pascal provided insight on the topic of consolidation in the window industry; an issue which comes to a head in Germany, not least for some of the agency’s newest clients.

In an in-depth discussion with Glaswelt Editor in Chief Daniel Mund, Pascal discussed the importance of the German market in Europe for foreign companies. In the article he analyzes the success factors of companies which have newly come to market and gives advice on how established industry giants must comport themselves to succeed in this new situation.


Pascal draws on a comparison: “The influx of foreign companies has already taken place in industries such as tourism, the automotive industry or in consumer electronics. Globalization is increasing in all industries, and that this development should also come for the windows and glazing market is not surprising.” He stated that German suppliers would be wrong to downplay the situation as a passing phase. “The new entrants have come to stay. The onus is on the incumbent to leverage their own strengths, and be active in the foreground in defining themselves and communicating their uniqueness – creating their own brand world”.


The full interview can be found in the current October 2015 issue of Glaswelt. Additional information can be found here: bit.ly/1MmJ7EH