05. 27. 2015 News

Client Feedback Strengthens Service Strategy

Beginning in 2012, ITMS Marketing outlined a service and quality offensive for TranzX, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric drive systems for e-bikes.

The fundamental goal of the initiative was to clearly communicate the importance the company places on delivering first-rate service to its clients. The multi-tiered program involved working closely with dealers to better tutor them on the finer points of selling and servicing TranzX equipped bikes. In January of last year, the ITMS team began planning and coordinating the details of a German-wide dealer tour for the company’s European service representatives. The tour, based on individual in-shop visits, would allow the TranzX e-bike specialist to prepare dealers to cater to their customers while also receiving direct feedback from them, emphasizing the importance of communication in creating strong relationships with this target group.

Last year’s consistent positive response reinforced the program, which is now fully incorporated into the company’s yearly plan. Together with ITMS, TranzX incorporated new elements into its 2015 dealer offensive that, again, prioritize supporting and intensifying dealer communication. To accompany this, TranzX Service Managers will once again, over the course of ten weeks, visit more than 130 dealers through the country, underlining the significance of establishing relationships with partners.


Because ITMS handles global marketing communications for TranzX, the communication strategy created by the marketing firm also largely benefits from the valuable feedback that comes out of these dealer visits. At the conclusion of each visit, dealers are surveyed by the bike specialists on a series of different issues. The information is then relayed to the agency for processing and translation into languages that make it easily distributable throughout the bicycle company’s global network. In addition to this, the information taken from dealers is evaluated and used to set up campaign strategies, project plans and event concepts, underscoring how vital consumer feedback is in creating a strong, goal-oriented and successful marketing and public relations projection.


“Bicycle dealers play a key role in influencing both manufacturers and consumer buying decisions,” said ITMS Account Manager Andreas Kroll. “They are one of TranzX’s most important target groups, and a constant and personal contact with them is instrumental in maintaining their interest for our client.”


The TranzX dealer tour began on May 18 and will end in mid-July, 2015.