06. 02. 2015 News

George S. Pascal Featured in Current Edition of the German Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine

Asked to write the editorial for the June edition, founder and Executive Director George Pascal is featured in the current business magazine of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Giessen-Friedberg.

The issue revolves around the business of sports, a subject that the New York expat has over 25 years of experience with. The beginnings of the full-service agency that today operates in various sectors lie in sports marketing.

In the editorial, Pascal focuses on regional sports sponsorship as a way for businesses to show responsibility and presence in their communities. He makes it clear that personal preferences and charitable endeavors are the wrong approach. Finding the right fit between sports sponsorship and marketing objectives is a fundamental foundation of success. He explains that the specific objectives of sponsorship should broadly align with a company’s ultimate business goals, and be designed and optimized as an integral component of the marketing strategy.


Through this, he emphasized the importance of businesses being involved in the sponsoring process.


“The objectives set must reflect the innate value of the brand. Only an appropriate and authentic communication strategy enables a positive image transfer. Strategies should be designed to not only reinforce your brand messaging but to also genuinely connect with your target audience, “said Pascal.


Regional engagement also reinforces the internal communication and may provide an incentive to attract talented new employees.


With this, Pascal touches on a timeless issue. A recent study proves that many small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany have deficits in strategic communications, particularly regarding employer branding underinvestment. In the editorial, regional sports sponsorship is explicitly mentioned as an appropriate way to improve this situation.


ITMS Sports, part of the full-service agency located in Bad Nauheim, has worked with many well-known brands in developing and implementing their sponsorship strategies, including a number of Bundesliga clubs and sporting events in tennis, hockey, golf, baseball and figure skating.


Click here for a digital copy: http://www.giessen-friedberg.ihk.de/share/flip/Juni2015/index.html