06. 09. 2016 Press Releases

ITMS 25th Anniversary Artwork Revealed

Shirin Donia Painting Commemorates Significant Events in Agency’s History.

ITMS, the Bad Nauheim based marketing communications agency, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The agency has taken this milestone as an opportunity not just to take stock, but to redefine its future positioning, highlighting its core facets and competencies as a modern agency. With its logo and corporate design already relaunched, ITMS has this Thursday revealed another eye-catcher: an artwork that encapsulates the history of the agency.


With the unveiling of the artwork, ITMS complete the latest step in a multi-stage program in celebration of its 25th birthday. The work is designed and conceived in mixed media, and created by Frankfurt artist Shirin Donia. The Postmodern artist is well known for combining pop, modern and digital art to create surrealistic artwork that expresses a kind of superior reality. In the ITMS piece, she fuses graphic, print and painted elements to create a dynamic tableau that pulls together the past and present of the agency in a visually expressive way. The artwork will adorn the gallery area at the agency’s headquarters in Bad Nauheim.


The design takes its viewers on a journey through the different periods and transitions that the agency has lived through since its inception. Sports of course take an important role, as ITMS was first established as a sports marketing agency in 1991. City skylines, regional aspects and the various industries in which the 30-person team operates find their rightful place in the work.