05. 25. 2016 Press Releases

ITMS Begins Transformation

New visual identity embodies marketing agency’s strategic repositioning.

ITMS is implementing a complete external and internal transformation as part of its 25th anniversary. The international marketing agency is restructuring its service portfolio, adjusting its positioning and strengthening itself internally for the future whilst at the same time revealing an updated visual identity and new logo.


ITMS, located in Bad Nauheim, Germany, is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Taking this not simply as a time for reflection, but as an opportunity for expansion, the 30-strong team of professionals has fine-tuned its service portfolio. The restructured core services will form the basis for the agency’s future positioning. Essentially, ITMS offers services in the four areas of advertising, public relations, sponsorship, and events, to diverse clients including global brands such as Qatar Airways, Major League Baseball, and Drutex, Europe’s largest window manufacturer.


The changes enable clients and contacts old and new to more intuitively understand the agency’s ethos and capabilities. In support of the new positioning, the overhaul extends right down to internal processes, including strategic emphasis on the agency’s consulting expertise within the creative teams. “In the past 25 years we have continuously honed and defined our skills, and established ourselves as a leading provider of integrated marketing and communication solutions. The new positioning emphasizes ITMS’ long-time experience in developing successful, integrated marketing programs more clearly, and thus moves the focus on to adding customer value,” says agency founder and Executive Director George S. Pascal.



The strategic repositioning is most noticeably realized in an update of the agency’s core visual assets, including a new logo, corporate design and revised overall appearance. The new visual identity is characterized by a lighter and more modern design that is free of distractions, and features clean lines that web together to create prismatic elements. The agency’s four marketing disciplines are conveyed through a clear four-color scheme that meshes together in various combinations. This symbolizes the synergetic interplay of the different disciplines and illustrates the holistic, personalized approach the agency will highlight in the future. This same message is revealed in the updated logotype, which features a simplified version of the agency’s established horizontal stripe design and acts to unite the agency’s four areas of expertise into the ITMS logo.