11. 22. 2023 News

ITMS’s Influencer-Driven Success at FIBO 2023

Reflecting on the past year, FIBO 2023, held in April, was a significant landmark in the fitness and health industry. This event, drawing 867 exhibitors and 106,146 visitors, not only testified to the industry’s vibrancy but also highlighted ITMS’s strategic prowess in illuminating Taiwan’s role in the sports and leisure industry with a masterful touch in influencer marketing.

Strategic finesse and effective influencer engagement by ITMS significantly amplified Taiwan’s presence at FIBO 2023. Meticulous planning and coordination played a largely unseen yet pivotal role in the event’s success. In the moment, captured is ITMS Project Manager Roman Bauch, embodying the essence of the agency’s commitment to behind-the-scenes excellence, ensuring every detail is seamlessly managed

The Symphony of influencers and innovation

Set against the backdrop of the leading fitness trade show held annually at the Cologne Exhibition Centre, ITMS orchestrated a captivating symphony of experiences and narratives, led by a series of influential figures. Ralf Möller, the actor and former competitive bodybuilder celebrated for his role in the Hollywood epic “Gladiator,” brought his star power and a significant Instagram following of 613,000. Mark Keller, an actor and singer, connected broadly with his 178,000 Instagram followers. LeFloid, a notable German YouTuber and podcaster, linked the digital realm with physical fitness, reaching an audience of 2.84 million YouTube subscribers and 818,000 Instagram followers. Ronny Berger, a Twitch streamer, highlighted the burgeoning nexus of gaming and fitness.


Dominik Persy and Louis Heuser, entrenched in the fitness community, struck a chord with health and wellness enthusiasts. Tom Würtz, a fitness model and physiotherapist, alongside Lisa Schmahl, a fitness, art, and lifestyle influencer, added diverse dimensions to the agency’s narrative for its client, showcasing the multifaceted nature of fitness and health.


Amplifying through media and communication

ITMS, recognized across many borders for its PR acumen, underscored its influencer approach in generating strong social media coverage, extending its reach into the general media, and facilitating exclusive one-on-one interviews. These interactions, masterfully orchestrated between influencers, journalists, and company representatives, enriched the reporting by encouraging deeper exploration into the products and their backstories. This tactic not only met but significantly surpassed the initial objectives, culminating in an estimated total audience reach of 35 million across diverse news and special interest media. Included in this achievement are 17 insightful interviews, each contributing substantially to the event’s impact.

Louis Heuser’s impressive transformation from 69 kilos to 97 kilos captured the attention of thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram, cementing his status as a trendsetting influencer. His involvement in the campaign significantly boosted interest in Taiwan’s fitness products within the social media landscape

Behind-the-scenes excellence

The success of Taiwan’s presence at FIBO 2023 was significantly enhanced by ITMS’s meticulous planning and coordination. Much like an iceberg, the bulk of their work remained beneath the surface, ensuring that all aspects, from influencer involvement to media coverage, were harmoniously aligned to create a cohesive and impactful narrative.


Reflecting on the agency’s pivotal role

Looking back, ITMS’s involvement at FIBO 2023 went beyond traditional event management; it was a display of strategic marketing finesse. Through the effective utilization of qualified influencers and dynamic media engagement, the agency’s marketing experts not only elevated their client’s presence in the global sports and leisure domain but also showcased their ability to craft compelling narratives. The success of FIBO 2023 stands as a testament to ITMS’s expertise in influencer marketing, public relations, and event orchestration, setting an elevated benchmark for future strategic communication and marketing initiatives.