12. 21. 2022 News

ITMS Conjures up Perfect Christmas Atmosphere

WHERE CHRISTMAS SURPRISES YOU. Shopping in the pre-Christmas season in 2022 is more than just buying. Festive atmosphere, Christmas magic, and heavenly service support the retail trade.

Christmas 2022 is just around the corner, the general Corona situation has changed and allows for more this winter than in the past two years. This also applies to the Christmas business.


Christmas preparations start already in autumn

To invite customers from online retail back to a Christmas shopping atmosphere with a unique flair on site, ITMS – as every year – organizes the Heavenly Service of the Main-Taunus-Center for the entire Advent season until Christmas Eve. Event Director Carolin Pascal and her team started with the Christmas preparations already in autumn.


After years of collaboration, the Bad Nauheim agency and the well-known Frankfurt shopping center have become well attuned to each other. This year, in particular, they focused on festive ambiance, Christmas mood, and the so-called heavenly service. Although visitors in 2022 have to forego the popular Christmas bakery for children due to regulations, they can enjoy attractions such as glamorous stilt walkers in various Christmas costumes. Angels and elves mingle among the visitors, distributing Christmas goodies, while pages with oversized Main-Taunus-Center lettering on their uniforms support shoppers as needed and help them. “Our pages are the contacts for the interpersonal,” says Carolin Pascal, Associate Director at ITMS. It is conceivable how quickly one can lose track in the Christmas hustle and bustle in a large shopping center or a child can lose sight of their parents. Therefore, competent staff is important to handle these situations confidently and professionally.

A holistic concept as a guarantee of satisfaction

For all this to work in detail and over weeks, planning and organization in advance and in the background are required. ITMS covers the entire range of services – from conception to preparation, to execution and on-site support. The experienced experts not only drum up advertising in time and take over personnel planning but also coordinate costumes and advertising materials that are definitely very tasty for Christmas… roasted almonds, butter cookies, cookie cutters, large and small chocolate Santas, and cool fabric bags with the inscription “WHERE CHRISTMAS SURPRISES YOU” to safely bring Christmas presents home.

Traditionally and very popular among all Christmas shoppers: the “Heavenly Wrapping Service”. Imps, elves, and co. lovingly wrap the presents of the visitors, thereby giving them some peace and time.


The collaboration with the Main-Taunus-Center extends beyond the “Heavenly Service” to include further actions. For example, customer surveys show the strengths and opportunities of the center, while the Black-Price-Days heavily promote special offers.


Conclusion: There are many opportunities to promote sales, increase visitor satisfaction, and win new customers with well-planned and thought-out promotional activities.