11. 07. 2022 News

Hello – I am tegut… teo!

…and I am far more than just an innovative shopping concept! I am always there for you 24/7, conveniently located just around the corner, offering all the essential food items and various products you might need for your everyday life.

ITMS supports tegut… teo during its launch phase

Since the first tegut… teo opened in Fulda in November 2020, the innovative concept of the company “tegut” has been increasingly conquering the region. Meanwhile, the openings of new tegut… teo stores and their introductory phases are supported and accompanied by ITMS. The agency from Bad Nauheim relies on its long-standing experience and supports the food corporation “tegut” from A for beginning to Z for satisfied customers. Innovative shopping format makes modern life easier.


Innovative shopping format makes modern life easier

A smart concept that is innovative and sustainable, easing our modern and fast-paced life, fully digitalized and featuring little highlights that perfect the idea. Convincing with “non-stop” opening hours and special locations that allow shopping without major time loss, complicated routes, or hopeless parking situations. The small shopping station not only offers 950 essential food items and products for daily life but also great, well-thought-out, practical extras. Cozy seating areas with the possibility of book exchanges, stationary bike workshops – some even with e-bike charging stations or dog resting places are just some of the add-ons that give everyday shopping a nice touch.


Chic, green, and biodiverse

Tegut… teo simply looks good. A biodiverse chic hairstyle of wildflowers and grasses – on the (roof)top – gives the cityscape a touch of green freshness and provides bees and insects with a habitat – right in the city. Its round wooden body stands for cool design and sustainability. Ultimately, modern, digitalized sales technology enables 24/7 shopping when other supermarkets are long closed.

Picking up the customer at the right time

Carolin Pascal, Associate Director and Event Manager at ITMS, knows how important the proper introduction and presentation of a new product in the market is. Together with her team, she organizes every opening event and the subsequent introductory phase of tegut… teo on-site in Hesse and neighboring states. The marketing agency developed a concept for tegut… teo that, through the competence and presence of a perfectly trained promotion team on-site, answers all questions and clears up any uncertainties. This is crucial, especially for the first visits to tegut… teo with its new image, without personnel and any contact person, fully modernized and digitalized, which raise questions. “This is exactly where the customer needs to be picked up,” explains Pascal.


High-level promotion

Curious, random, and interested tegut… teo customers are welcomed by the ITMS Promotion Team throughout the entire introductory phase with a small gift and valuable information, and if desired, accompanied during their shopping. It’s promotion at a high level – with empathy and know-how. This way, customers have the opportunity to calmly get to know the shopping process, ask questions, and discover new things. From opening the door, scanning the products, to paying for the purchases – with a debit or credit card or optionally with the tegut… teo app.


Teo thinks of everything

Even though tegut… teo is fully digitalized and monitored by cameras, people in the background play a significant role. Logistics, deliveries, and the entire hygiene concept are ensured daily by tegut personnel. Issues like theft protection or youth protection have also been discussed and considered from the start. These are ensured through the bank card or tegut… teo app.