12. 19. 2023 News

Elevating Retail Experience with Enchanting Holiday Campaigns

In the dynamic world of retail marketing, ITMS is renowned for creating bespoke events that captivate and thrill. Amid strategic expansion, ITMS is experiencing unprecedented demand, scaling its operations while preserving its hallmark quality.

Amid the winter festivities, ITMS has become the harbinger of yuletide joy, transforming malls throughout Hesse into havens of holiday cheer and community warmth

Initiated eight years ago at Frankfurt’s Main-Taunus-Zentrum (MTZ), the agency’s celebrated Christmas campaigns now extend their festive allure right up to Christmas Eve across various malls in Germany. This demonstrates ITMS’s capability in crafting immersive shopping experiences for different locations and an extended festive period.


Leveraging Promotional Excellence

ITMS’s blend of innovative strategy and creative execution is epitomized at MTZ, where a formula combining traditional charm with modern engagement tactics captivates both retailers and consumers. This approach, featuring attractions like St. Nick’s appearances, is now customized for various retail environments. ITMS’s diverse promotional toolkit, including thematic gift-wrapping services and a crew of Santas, fairies, and bellboys, is designed to enhance shopper engagement and increase footfall across different retail centers and malls.


Under the guidance of Events Director Carolin Pascal and Project Manager Anna Domnik, ITMS manages large-scale promotions with a team that has grown to fulfill nearly 150 shifts, involving 50-70 promoters. Pascal notes, “Our team’s growth showcases our dedication to delivering unique, memorable experiences at every event.”

Throughout the holiday season, the agency’s enthusiastic promoters are creating a buzz with delightful surprises that sweeten the shopping experience, bringing extra joy to the festive atmosphere

Customization is ITMS’s Edge

ITMS’s customization strategy allows each shopping center to offer a unique consumer experience. This is particularly evident in St. Nicholas Day celebrations on December 6 and the strategic placement of services, seamlessly blending with each mall’s aesthetic and demographics. This approach reflects ITMS’s understanding of shopper behavior and preferences, key to creating memorable retail experiences.


Anecdotes from Frankfurt’s Main-Taunus-Zentrum highlight the impact of these events. Domnik shares, “On St. Nicholas Day at MTZ, we noticed an overwhelming response from older visitors, who were thrilled to take photos with St. Nick to show their grandchildren. Additionally, our walking acts and Santa Claus regularly bring joy to retailers, often leading to impromptu photo sessions.”


Measuring Impact and Consumer Engagement

The positive reception of ITMS’s campaigns from retailers and consumers is significant. The introduction of ‘teo‘ – a pioneering, unstaffed, fully digitalized shopping format by ‘tegut’ – showcases ITMS’s skill in blending innovative retail solutions with traditional environments. This enhances consumer convenience and satisfaction, as reflected in the positive feedback and increased engagement metrics.


ITMS promoters have played a pivotal role in the opening events for ‘teo,’ assisting consumers in navigating this new shopping experience.

Bellboys and angelic helpers unite to bring joy, hand out charming surprises, and offer gift-wrapping services for holiday treasures to delighted shoppers

Strategic Expansion with Discretion

As ITMS broadens its reach beyond MTZ, the agency skillfully navigates the competitive retail landscape, consciously maintaining discretion about the specific locations of other malls. This approach safeguards client confidentiality and bolsters ITMS’s standing as a trusted partner in retail.


Future Outlook and Sustainable Growth

Looking ahead, ITMS is poised to further innovate in retail promotion, introducing more experiential elements into its campaigns. Carolin Pascal, looking forward to these developments, emphasizes, “While we are excited about our future growth, the satisfaction of our clients remains our top priority. We are committed to a balanced expansion that enhances our services without compromising the personalized attention and quality that our clients have come to expect from us.”


This strategic focus on client satisfaction, coupled with sustainable growth, positions ITMS as a visionary leader in the ever-evolving landscape of retail marketing.