12. 21. 2021 News

Setting the Mood for Christmas Shopping Despite Pandemic

The holiday shopping season is usually a prosperous time for malls but the persistent threat that the coronavirus poses to public health and the emergence of new variants continue to hamper retailers. The right precautions, marketing initiatives and strategies bring hope.

Consumers are taking a more conscious approach to planning their shopping during the pandemic. They are informing themselves about promotions, creating shopping lists and planning their purchases more than ever before

To enrich the in-store shopping experience and attract consumers back to the malls, ITMS has been organizing a series of holiday promotions for the Main Taunus Zentrum for a number of years. The agency is now also responding confidently to the new challenges.


Pandemic continues to dampen consumer sentiment

When it comes to holiday shopping, the Christmas spirit isn’t quite back yet for many people – especially not in the uncertain times of the pandemic. The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, the throng of shoppers, long lines, taxing to-dos and the constant need to show proof of vaccination or of recovery, can turn any visit to the mall into a stress-filled experience. Things are quite different at the Main Taunus Zentrum in Frankfurt, the state of Hesse’s largest shopping center and one of Germany’s most popular malls.


Gift-wrapping cottage with 2G coronavirus check-in

After years of working with the Main Tanus Zentrum and its 170 stores, the agency’s events team has already gotten into the swing of the holiday season and knows how to adapt its services for these exceptional times. Services such as the holiday gift-wrapping cottage, where Santa’s elves lovingly wrap presents, have been expanded this year to include a 2G check-in station. Adapted to follow current pandemic regulations which allow only shoppers who have either recovered from the coronavirus or are fully vaccinated to enter retail shops and restaurants, helpers check COVID-19 certificates and distribute what look like VIP wristbands.


In possession of a colorful wristband, shoppers have access to all of the mall’s stores, eateries, sushi bars and coffee shops, and no longer need to dig out the proof every time they step into a new store. A relief for shoppers which leads them to spend more time at the mall and do more of the traditional holiday browsing. The service is an obvious boon for retailers who no longer have to deal with the unwelcomed hassle of having to control shoppers.

The agency’s team, consisting of Santa Claus, elves, bellhops, angels and many helpers, has been an integral part of the holiday season program at the Main Taunus Zentrum for many years

ITMS team ensures initiatives are executed as planned

The agency’s promoters are front and center, leading the holiday promotion initiatives at the mall, but most of the agency’s work actually happens behind the scenes. After all, the activities can only be successful if they are planned down to the last detail and executed flawlessly. The Bad Nauheim-based agency offers a full range of services from the initial idea, concept development and event planning to implementation and on-site support. The agency’s event specialists not only ensure the perfect planning and staging of the activities but also handle costume design and production. Working with their creative counterparts at the agency, they also ensure that the holiday marketing collateral is designed and produced. These days, a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept is also part of the ITMS repertoire.


Agency services provide year-round support for shopping mall

In addition to the agency’s “Heavenly Service“, the work for the Main Taunus Zentrum includes diverse other activities. The agency handles everything from customer surveys to highlight the center’s strengths and opportunities, while targeted promotions are pushed on Black Friday. There are many opportunities to promote in-store shopping, increase customer satisfaction and win new customers with well-planned and well-thought-out initiatives.