01. 17. 2023 News

Super Bread Price Break and the Power of Spin

In response to the challenging economic climate driven by inflation, rising energy costs, and escalating raw material prices, Hinnerbäcker, a German bakery chain, took a bold and innovative step to support its customers.

BILD: Hinnerbäcker führt

The bakery introduced a bread price break, offering each loaf of bread for a fixed price of €2.50 in all of its 70 branches. What started as a local campaign to aid customers during difficult times quickly transformed into a nationwide phenomenon, thanks to the strategic efforts of ITMS, the PR experts behind the bakery’s success.


Taking a stand against the rising tide

Amidst the energy crisis and soaring costs of living, Hinnerbäcker‘s management decided to swim against the tide and introduce the bread price brake. With the aim of providing financial relief to their loyal customers, the family-owned business in Hesse, Germany, demonstrated exceptional courage in its initiative.


Strategic PR: The power of spin

The true hallmark of excellent PR lies in the art of strategic storytelling, and this is precisely what ITMS demonstrated with their well-crafted campaign. They shaped the narrative surrounding the bread price break in a way that resonated with the public, capturing their attention and triggering an incredible media response. The story spread like wildfire across Germany, with press, radio, and TV outlets flocking to cover the bakery’s unique initiative.


Even renowned news program “RTL News” featured the authentic action of the Hessian baker at the forefront of their nationwide broadcast, emphasizing the significance of the campaign over current world events. Moreover, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram witnessed an outpouring of positive comments from hundreds of users, further solidifying the success of the PR campaign.


Storytelling excellence in action

The overwhelming response to the bread price break reaffirms the importance of smart PR work. ITMS demonstrated a high level of professionalism, strategically placing their well-thought-out PR content in the right places at the right time. For the agency, this was not just a clever move but a testament to their daily commitment to achieving goals through effective communication.


The agency’s holistic approach to press work revolves around understanding and tailoring solutions to the unique needs of their clients. In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, ITMS acts as a reliable media partner, recognizing the requirements and desired outcomes of their partners, and deftly articulating them in a clear and impactful manner.


Strategic communication paramount in making a positive impact

The success of Hinnerbäcker’s bread price break campaign exemplifies the power of strategic PR. In the face of economic challenges, the bakery chain’s decision to support its customers resonated with the public, thanks to the exceptional efforts of ITMS. As one navigates these dynamic times, strategic communication remains paramount for businesses seeking to make a positive impact. With the right PR partner by their side, companies can deftly navigate the complexities of the media landscape and accomplish their goals through compelling and impactful communication strategies.