06. 27. 2016 Press Releases

ITMS Positioning Leading Stroller Manufacturer in the German Market

Deltim, the manufacturer of brands Navington and X-Lander, has tasked ITMS with creating and developing a holistic communications campaign for the German market.

Located in Poland, Deltim is the market leader in the children’s stroller sector. With the campaign, Deltim hopes to transfer its success to Germany and establish itself in Europe’s biggest market.

With over 60 years experience in production and distribution of strollers, Deltim has a large area of expertise and knowledge of what makes an exceptional stroller. In the German market specifically, large emphasis is placed on the quality and processing of materials. This is why Deltim knows and chooses these materials with care. All models are TÜV Rheinland certified and meet the European Safety Standards EN 1888.


“Especially in children’s products, quality must be paramount,” says George S. Pascal, executive director of ITMS. “Deltim’s high product quality emphasis provides us with the necessary foundation to develop a clear brand identity for the German market and to effectively promote the brands to all target groups.”

The communication activities will be focused on the two brands Navington and X-Lander, which have broad target groups of differing parent types. The classic stroller operates smoothly to fit both the active lifestyle of the parents and the future lifestyle of the child. Informing and engaging target audiences via a public relations strategy will be a key component of the overall marketing and communications plan for Deltim’s German market entry.