03. 27. 2015 Press Releases

ITMS Tapped to Create Brand Campaign for Seni

Leading manufacturer of personal care products selects ITMS Marketing to increase brand presence and sharpen its positioning in Germany.

For their brand Seni, the Capital Group TZMO S.A., has tasked the full service agency ITMS Marketing with developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing communications campaign in the German market. The brand, sold in Germany since 1999, provides its customers with the highest quality products and services that ensure easier, more comfortable and safer living.

TZMO is among the world’s major manufacturers of medical, hygienic and personal care products. In Central and Eastern Europe in particular, the company is the undisputed market leader where it has a portfolio which includes 15 brands, while it also enjoys a steadily growing demand from Western Europe and Asia. In order to continuously drive expanding business in Germany further, the company will implement a wide range of advertising and marketing communications efforts that are being developed by the experts at ITMS Marketing.


Initial measures will focus entirely on the trade brand Seni and will target both consumer and trade audiences. In the long-term, an extensive strategy from the marketing agency will revolve around a mix of advertising and public relations. More initiatives such as direct marketing and a series of retail events are planned throughout 2015.


“The Seni brand is located in a highly competitive market with high growth potential. Clear positioning with continuously increasing brand awareness are important factors for the future success of the brand within the national market,” says George Pascal, Executive Director of ITMS Marketing. “We are very proud to have been selected by TZMO for this task and look forward to a successful collaboration.”


Seni is a globally established brand that is now looking for an even stronger position in their growth markets, such as Germany, in order to demonstrate to users the variety of options that are offered with their products. The TZMO Group employs more than 7,300 people in 17 countries, reaching 65 markets around the world.