08. 20. 2015 Press Releases

ITMS Web-Based Cycling Service Marks One Year of Success

One year ago, ITMS marketing brought a web-based press portal to medium-sized enterprises and startups involved in the cycling business, simultaneously encouraging companies from other industries who are interested in the bicycle market to utilize the service.

Appropriately called FAHRRAD-PR.de, the full-service agency gives starts and SMEs, small- and medium-sized enterprises, a way to communicate with appropriate media outlets, increasing a corporation’s reach and message.

ITMS, having been established across worldwide markets for over 25 years, has worked heavily in the bicycle industry for the past nine, establishing itself as a European leader in the field. Capitalizing on this success, the company noticed a need for bettering the market through encouraging increased attention to it, and established its web service as a way to aid businesses that may not have industry connections in marketing to the specific sector.


Updated daily and primarily used for press release materials, FAHRRAD-PR.de allows companies to reach out to ITMS and have their press documents sent to the agency’s more than 1,500 specialists media and journalist contacts in the industry. The focus of the website lies in the professional distribution of these materials not only to media contacts but also to search engines, databases and internet portals, maximizing a client’s reach.


The portal’s uses extend beyond those familiar with the industry, serving as a helpful link between the cycling community and things like the tourism industry, which often mutually benefit from each other. ITMS’ position as a well-rounded, knowledgeable firm gives the company access to influential names in many different disciplines, enabling partnerships like these to occur. The agency is extremely proud of its reputation in the cycling industry and the relationships it has built with media representatives, and is happy to be able to use these to further increase the industry’s presence.


Service packages for FAHRRAD-PR.de start at just 95 Euro for domestic German distribution, with international pricing beginning at 190 Euro. To fully maximize the service’s effects, customers are allowed to customize their package to fully suit their needs, enabling an entity to receive services from written press releases to the creation and editing of company material.