07. 07. 2021 News

Planning and Designing Tomorrow’s Mobility for Bad Nauheim

ITMS develops “Shaping Bad Nauheim” campaign to promote citizen and visitor involvement in modeling a modern and sustainable mobility future for the spa town.

Bad Nauheim is putting plans together for a sustainable, citizen-oriented and environmentally friendly mobility concept for the city’s future. The city administration and the city’s public utility company, working in union on the project, are conducting a citywide survey and tapped ITMS to develop the “Shaping Bad Nauheim” campaign.


Imagery gets key points across

To draw attention to an online survey platform, the agency created illustrative campaign visuals depicting bus, car, cycling and pedestrian traffic. Posters, flyers and handouts are being distributed throughout Bad Nauheim and both residents and visitors can either scan a QR code or access the survey platform directly at www.bad-nauheim.de/mobil.


By better linking the different modes of transportation, the city aims to make getting around the town more attractive and efficient. Future mobility will focus on developing an infrastructure that is in line with both demand and making mobility climate friendly. Citizen opinions and suggestions are to play an important part of the development process.


Eco-friendly colors for sustainable mobility

ITMSs designers employed eco-friendly colors for each of the four means of transportation to create positive associations that carry over to the online platform. Different slogans used across the entire campaign are meant to promote interest and stimulate ideas for citizens and visitors to contribute their own thoughts and suggestions: “A bicycle lane is missing here. A quiet zone is missing there. More e-charging points are needed here”.


The campaign launched on July 5 and runs until August 1.