06. 05. 2015 Press Releases

While Fans Anxiously Await Outcome, ITMS Toasts to Success

Bad Nauheim agency can already see itself as the winner of the UEFA Champions League Final

On Saturday night, two of soccer’s greatest names will compete for the European crown in club soccer. FC Barcelona and Juventus will go at it in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium to determine this year’s UEFA Champions League Champion, but ITMS has already been determined as the winner of the game. The Bad Nauheim group has clients on both teams, making either outcome a win for the agency.


ITMS client Qatar Airways, the world’s fastest-growing airline, is the main sponsor of FC Barcelona, connecting the full service agency to the Catalonian team. On the other side stands Andrea Pirlo, who serves as the face of Juventus and also Drutex. The largest window producer in Europe is also an ITMS client. Along with Philipp Lahm and Jakub Błaszczykowski, Pirlo is easily recognizable from his popular Drutext TV commercials, which are part of the overarching marketing strategy ITMS has developed for the manufacturing company.


Both companies rely on the Bad Nauheim agency to oversee their extensive marketing communications strategies.


“We are naturally very pleased at our clients’ success. In addition to the sporting triumphs of the players and teams, we are also pleased by their integration into successful holistic communication strategies and the excitement evoked by these sponsorship activities that account for both the regional and international success of the companies themselves,” said Executive Director George Pascal, whose agency not only consults companies, but individual athletes, teams and sports organizations like Major League Baseball.


On Saturday, the roughly 25 staff members will eagerly sit in front of their television screens rooting for their favorite.


“Of course we support both teams, but the respective project managers are split into two camps. It will certainly be an exciting finale and a successful evening for our team,” said Pascal.