03. 15. 2019 News

Design Is About the Fulfillment of a Goal

Leading a team of artists, the art director articulates visions for campaigns, determines which artistic direction to take and plays an active role in the design process. We took the opportunity to sit down with our agency’s highly-talented Art Director Arturo Goosmann-Seminario.

How do you maintain creativity in your work? What inspires you?

I like to surround myself with different sources of inspiration. In my case, to name a few, it would be a mixture of photography, contemporary art, architecture, music, news and books. It is important to stay curious and to keep an eye on everything that surrounds one, and to develop in this way a sixth sense for recognizing potential. Inspiration can come from anywhere.


What distinguishes art from design?

I can’t claim to be an expert on defining art. Personally I find, however, that when one addresses the differences between art and design, there is a very clear line between the two. The job of a designer is to communicate ideas predefined by placing different colored pixels, graphics and images in specific locations. Most design projects have particular specifications, a detailed set of goals to be achieved.


An artist on the other hand does not require any specific instructions or guidelines to create a new and unique piece of art. Their feelings and their soul are transmitted by the brush or the movement of their hands. Their inner impulses motivate them to create new works.


Is there a difference in the approach of an artist and a designer?

While the artist often waits until the moment they meet some inner inspiration, the designer is faced with a problem. From there they begin developing a creative solution.


How would you describe your approach to design?

Design should touch people on an emotional level. This approach is what seems most effective and sustainable. Dialogue plays an important role in our designs, as well as the principles of creative thinking. The aim is to find solutions that are convincing from the user’s perspective.


What do you like about your work?

Definitely the creative process. The development of ideas, communicating and executing ideas that involve with various new media. To try something new every day – whether analogue or digital. To form a rough idea into something unique that emerges before you is what I like best.