02. 18. 2021 News

Pharmacies Converge to Form Compelling Wellness Brand

The three pharmacies in the Frankfurt area are not only under the same ownership but also combine their expertise to better serve customers. ITMS created a design and branding concept to unite them visually, starting with an overhaul of their websites.

Identifying and improving customer journey touchpoints (the path from first contact to purchase) should be a priority for any business, regardless of size. The journey often starts with a visit to the website and as a result of the decisions we make online, we are led to different points and thus, via clever marketing, lead us to a live visit to the store and ultimately a purchase. What role should the website fulfill?


Bundled know-how

Despite the obvious synergies, the three pharmacies function independently from each other and the first step was to find a way to connect them but without disturbing their individual customer bases. What role should the websites fulfill to achieve this, and how great is the added value if its functions go beyond just customary features? ITMS developed a branding and design concept for the three pharmacies that covers these very aspects. From the redesign of their logos and website development to an overall design concept with respective photography, images and the content, the agency took a holistic approach to the entire project. The Bad Nauheim-based agency, specialized in creating 360-degree concepts that make customer journeys a positive and consistent visual experience, found the perfect way to achieve this project’s goals.


Four websites lead to one wellness brand with valuable content

To start, the agency’s creatives developed a sophisticated concept that resulted in four websites that went online at the start of 2021. In doing so, they did not lose count, but thought ahead: each pharmacy has its own independent web presence but all lead to a common wellness portal which features valuable content. The design and interface create a unified image. The design concept follows clear structures that both provide a better overview and create a contemporary look. Different color schemes act to both unite and distinguish the individual pharmacies and their websites. The newly created wellness brand Gesund mit uns (rough translation: healthy with us) delivers added value for customers and is visually accessible from all the websites. The design of the new landing page is unified by the same color schemes used for the three pharmacies and creates an immediate visual connection.

Added value for a positive customer journey

The individual pharmacy websites also go beyond the usual repertoire: with just a few clicks, customers can find out more about the services offered, pre-order medications and access all the necessary information. This customer service brings the convenience that customers appreciate. Additionally, staff photos make the websites familiar and create a personal connection. While these sites focus on the services offered by the pharmacies, the Gesund mit uns portal is used to provide customers with useful content, health tips and medical information in easy-to-read content.


Although an online shop system is also integrated, the aim is not to replace the in-store consultation many customers welcome – on the contrary; the Gesund mit uns website conveys knowledge that underscores the pharmacy staff’s own expertise and gives visitors an initial point of reference.

The pharmacists are positioned as specialists, which in turn creates trust in their expertise. The landing page also serves as a guiding point, leading customers with special requirements to the pharmacy that has the remedy for their specific customer need. The content experts at ITMS also worked closely with the client to carefully and strategically create the stories: In addition to current relevant topics on COVID-19, users can inform themselves about common diseases and get to know the principal pharmacist and owner, who talks about different health matters relevant to customers in an interview.


All these individual features come together to form a forward-thinking wellness brand and serve one purpose: to raise awareness for the three individual pharmacies, qualify them as excellent service partners, and to serve as touchpoints for the customer journey.