02. 11. 2021 News

The Right Advertising Touch for Sensitive Topics

Raising awareness for sensitive topics requires a subtle approach with a clear strategy. ITMS has been successfully meeting this challenge for SENI, a manufacturer of incontinence and skin care products, for many years.

Defining focus and objectives

The current German campaign, „Leben, wie’s mir gefällt” (Living, the way I choose) focuses on the new “Slim series” and the brand’s upgraded packaging design for its Seni Lady line of incontinence products. In addition to long-term goals such as increasing brand awareness, the campaign’s emphasis lies on increasing sales and gaining new customers for the brand. An important aspect is taking the subject of incontinence out of the taboo zone and raising awareness of all aspects of bladder weakness.


Three-stage cross-media campaign

To achieve SENI’s objectives and advertising goals, ITMS developed a three-stage cross-media campaign, combining print, web, mobile, social media as well as trade promotions. While creating the campaign for end users was of obvious importance, the products also needed to appeal to retailers. After all, persuading the pharmacies and drug stores to stock Seni Lady items and participate in the campaign is a key step to reaching those end users.


A brand that cares

In the first phase, with a focus on strengthening the brand’s positioning, added value was created by creating informative content to show that the brand really cares about offering real-life solutions for the treatment of bladder control problems. The agency’s creatives developed an impactful visual design, including a concept for the imagery and photography, use of colors and typography, to serve across the different marketing collateral and media platforms. The design choices were created to fit perfectly with the campaign’s ambitious strategy. Retailers were provided with marketing collateral, POS material, and free sample displays to arouse interest with potential customers in pharmacies and drug stores.



Stories connect with audiences on social media

The focus in phase two is on social media with the aim of drawing users to the campaign’s landing page where they can order product samples. The content developed for the campaign provides valuable information and advice for the target group. An emotional narrative, which will play a significant role in the next stages of the campaign – now focused on reaching consumers – was launched in this phase. The storyline features three female characters of different ages and in different life situations. Their individual stories are introduced and told in authentic and target group-specific social media posts and video clips. The three campaign heroes fit the target group and the three product segments perfectly. Their stories and likeable personalities allow female customers to easily identify with them, while the visual language and copy fittingly match their respective personality types. By leveraging storytelling and sharing content on everyday topics, an additional bond with target consumers is achieved.


Advertising focuses on sales

While staying with the same narrative, the campaign subtly shifts its focus to increasing sales in the third phase. Video commercials, print and online ads, social media promotions, and specific call-to-actions, are all created to attract new customers.

Campaign website and marketing collateral for retailers

With pharmacies and drug stores playing a key role in advising consumers on purchasing the right product, it is particularly important to involve them closely in the marketing of the campaign. To get retailers onboard, ITMS created the all-embracing B2B campaign website www.senilady.media which the company’s sales representatives actively use to encourage the trade to participate in the campaign.


The site provides vendors with details of the campaign, and allows them to follow the campaign’s exact timeline. Stores can order the new Seni Lady line products and choose from an extensive catalogue of marketing material and POS material available for the different stages of the campaign. Marketing collateral consisting of promotional window displays, ceiling hangers and posters, floor sticker ads, informative product brochures, videos and digital ads, as well as POS displays containing free product samples, can all be ordered with the click of a mouse.


Campaign landing page offers consumers support and advice

The campaign’s three characters and their stories are also told on the campaign’s landing page www.senilady.de which features the recognizable elements of the campaign’s design. In addition to telling their stories authentically, the dedicated website also gives users detailed and essential information about the products and offers lots of content, facts, advice and tips on how to deal with bladder weakness and manage urinary incontinence. The site visually delights and prompts viewers to explore its different sections, identify the product best suited to their needs, and leads them to scroll through the site by using multimedia and animation. Users can easily and discreetly order free samples on the landing page.


The result is a positive customer experience that picks up potential new consumers, familiarizes them with the products and promotes sales.


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