06. 21. 2018 News

Grand Opening of Ferrari Frankfurt Boosts Regional Commitment of ITMS

The distinctive sound of a Ferrari, the smell of burnt rubber on the pavement, and lots of excitement in the air, provided for a grandiose reopening of the Ferrari Ulrich car dealership in Frankfurt.

Spectacular performances by artists, acrobats and stilt walkers had the guests entertained and amazed. Once again, ITMS orchestrated an extraordinary and unique event.

With its 3,300 square meters, the refurbished and expanded Ulrich car dealership in Frankfurt is one of the largest and most modern Ferrari dealerships in Europe. A dazzling newly built two-story showroom displays the complete range of Ferrari’s portfolio and offers customers the opportunity to explore them from every angle and in every detail. At the reopening gala, guests were able to delve into a world otherwise only experienced at the historic Ferrari birthplace in Maranello.


Breathtaking vehicle show mesmerizes guests
A special highlight of the evening was a spectacular motorsport show. In order to make this possible, the agency arranged to have the Schmidtstrasse temporarily closed. A Ferrari GTE 488, which only a few days prior to the event had been driven at Le Mans, presented itself in all its glory. The engine zoom of the red Ferrari immediately captivated attendees – a mechanical animal waiting to burst, waiting to pounce. Ferrari enthusiasts also had the opportunity to marvel at a special edition Ferrari 488 Pista Pilota.

The ITMS event team handled the entire planning and execution for Ferrari’s grand reopening. Only the best is good enough for a luxury brand such as Ferrari, and it takes a lot of experience to pull of such an event. This is where the agency’s expertise and regional network really pays dividends. The extensive know-how of having worked for a number of exclusive brands in the region, with high-end caterers, top entertainment groups and the best service providers, made the work that much better.

It wasn’t just the Ferrari cars that provided Mediterranean flair on this day. Decorations, props, cuisine stands, sounds, music and event promoters put guests in the right southern European mood. A unique and wide-ranging stage program provided spellbinding entertainment. The spectators enjoyed and were fascinated with the versatile talent of the acrobats and artists, who offered sensational performances with tires, clubs and their own bodies. An ITMS team of 12 event experts were on site to ensure that every detail went off as planned and that the evening ran smoothly.


But it was a lot more than just the program that had to be planned for this event. A first-class shuttle service whisked guests from their cars, a team of hostesses and security covered every angle to make sure attendees didn’t have to wait a second too long to be warmly welcomed. In order to accommodate the large number of expected visitors, a pre-check-in was carried out directly at the multi-story car park. 550 guests were welcomed at the event parking, checked in by hostesses, and transported to the event venue. Refreshing drinks were served before guests even boarded the shiny back shuttle buses to make their way to the event location.

A red carpet greeted the arriving guests and guided them directly into the Mediterranean world of Ferrari. As a memento for the evening, visitors had their picture taken at the official Ferrari photo wall and received framed prints to take home as a keepsake. A special challenge for the experienced team was the short-notice confirmation of over 100 additional guests, which required extra staff, goody bags, shuttles and food. Nothing new for Event Director Carolin Pascal and her team – Dealing with spontaneity, last-minute changes and surprises is part of the job.

In addition to organizing the opening ceremony, the Bad Nauheim experts were also responsible for press relations and the staging of a press conference. Well-known automotive journalists and Frankfurt’s biggest newspapers were recruited to attend the press event in Germany’s new flagship Ferrari dealership. The agency’s PR department was particularly involved here. In addition to the close cooperation with Ferrari German media department, quotes had to be drafted, speeches written, and the distribution coordinated. In addition to the official media release, exclusive invitations and post-event thank you packages had to be created for the event guests. The design team’s artistic touch was of particular importance here.


An event of this magnitude is anything but ordinary. The most excellent catering, the most comfortable shuttle service, and only first-class entertainment are adequate. It must be exclusive, exceptional and unique. But it was exactly this challenge that the event team gladly took on. “We were delighted to be able to organize such a successful reopening event for Ferrari and Ulrich Frankfurt. The goal of creating something extraordinary that had never been seen before fits in perfectly with our own high aspirations,” summarized Pascal.


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