A Golden Anniversary

As the lead agency, a team of our experts directed all activities for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Main Taunus Zentrum, the largest shopping mall in the state of Hesse. The three-week promotion covered the entire spectrum of live event marketing – from planning, staffing and securing stage shows to managing and running visitor activities. Customer engagement initiatives kept visitors enthralled and entertained throughout. A diverse, interactive program led visitors through a journey in time through the 50-year existence of the mall.

Date 2014
Client ECE
Website www.main-taunus-zentrum.de
Services Public Relations Events

An Enduring Slogan

The Main Taunus Zentrum shopping center stands head and shoulders above the rest for its genuine connection with its visitors, and vice versa. This sense of community was the inspiration for the “I Love MTZ” logo which we created specifically for the Jubilee. “I Love MTZ” was subsequently designated as the official slogan and logo of the mall and remains an integral part of its marketing to this day.

Famous Celebrities from Every Decade

We celebrated MTZs first half-century in grand style by assembling famous celebrity acts for every decade of the mall’s existence. Legends of the 60s (Elvis, Marilyn, the Beatles), pop stars of the 70s and 80s (ABBA, Freddie Mercury, KISS), and modern-day idols (Will Smith) took visitors on a journey through time. Period images, decorations and displays were used to create unique photo ops for shoppers. Promoters assisted in getting the “stars” into thousands of selfies that visitors happily shared on social media.

Making it Happen Behind the Scenes

To get such a large-scale promotion off the ground requires know-how, planning, experience, and precise coordination. Our event professionals had been busy months earlier planning, putting the programs together, hiring acts, and creating the needed visuals. During the event, the team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to fill every day with seamless and memorable moments for young and old alike.