Spotlight on Taiwan Technology

Taiwan enjoys an under-the-radar track record as a leader in global technology. Few people realize that their smart devices are probably made in Taiwan. So what better platform than the 2018 FIFA World Cup to position Taiwan as a major player in the areas of technology, gaming and mobility. The “Innovations for Your Game” campaign focused on the role technology from Taiwan plays in making our games and passions more enjoyable experiences. We used storytelling to develop a campaign narrative that we shrewdly activated on German television, via social media, on the internet, and in print.

Date 2018
Services Advertising Public Relations Sponsoring

A good campaign logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form. In creating the artwork, we put strong emphasis on conveying the campaign’s message.

Innovations for Your Game

A clever double entendre slogan and captivating theme-artwork were the successful results of the creative process. Effectively linking Taiwan Excellence with the World Cup, our creatives developed an immediately recognizable and emotive image for the campaign. The theme joined the excitement, emotion and passion of football with the fantastic clarity that technology and innovation provide, to allow audiences to experience the World Cup like never before.

World Cup Coverage on Television and the Internet

A spot using artwork elements from the visuals achieved campaign consistency on television and the internet. TV sponsorship of Sport1’s World Cup coverage included daily tournament shows on television, online ads on the station’s extremely popular sports news website, and on social media.

Storytelling Captivates the Audiences

A series of stories successfully transported the campaign on social media. High-quality imagery, the use of key colors that enabled consumers to easily identify the Taiwan Excellence campaign, product promotions, and an overall narrative, were effectively used to increase reach and social engagement.

Ads on Facebook effectively boosted the storytelling strategy. The animated film clip, campaign visuals and slogan were recurring elements of the social media campaign.

Animation Brings Message to Life

A recurrent element of the campaign was an animated short film used across social media. The animation was composed of three parts strategically set in locations resonant to the German target market: the iconic capital of Berlin with its distinctive landmarks; Rio de Janeiro, the location of Germany’s 2014 World Cup victory; and Russia, the host country for the 2018 World Cup.