More Than Just Brand Awareness

To raise awareness and stimulate interest for products from Taiwan, we developed and activated a multifaceted strategy for a sponsorship of the 2019 BMW Berlin Marathon. The theme-driven campaign included a unique visual, advertising to identify runners for the Taiwan Excellence marathon team, an ongoing PR and social media storytelling strategy, an impactful event concept, and the creation of branding for one of the most prestigious running events in the world. The inspiring campaign linked all of the initiatives together making the campaign both memorable and relevant.

Date 2019
Services Advertising Public Relations Events Sponsoring

Achievement sets the tone in the illustrative campaign visual. Developing the artwork started with a series of creative interpretations that unite the Berlin and Taipei skylines.

Join the Taiwan Excellence Team

A cross-media advertising campaign motivated hobby and active leisure runners in both Germany and Taiwan to be a part of the Taiwan Excellence team. More than 700 candidates applied for the 20 coveted spots on the team that would run the Berlin marathon.

An online multiple-stage application process on the specially-designed #ReachYourExcellence landing page assured an informative and unbiased runner selection process.

The illustrative campaign poster was one of the most sought-after collectibles during the marathon weekend. Runners individualized their posters with their personal finishing time.

A Branded Arch and Unique Fan Experiences

The BMW Berlin Marathon is one of the most prestigious running events in the world. The Taiwan Excellence “hot spot”, highlighted by an inflatable arch, marked the 40 km point on the course while a pavilion served to sharpen the profile of Taiwanese products. 45,000 Berlin Marathon runners received branded goody bags and red #ReachYourExcellence shoelaces to inspire them across the finish line.